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5 Ways to Become Productive in School as a Student — November 19, 2015

5 Ways to Become Productive in School as a Student

5 Ways to Become Productive in School as a Student

We all have been there. As students, we stumbled upon situations where our desired outcome does not meet even the shadow of reality. These instances, for example, are when the school project that has been scheduled a month ago received an F during the actual evaluation (F can mean a lot of other things than the rating itself), when we were late for a student organization meeting because we did not think to take it seriously, or worse, when the school administrator suspended us from school because of serial tardiness even we skipped our cereals in the morning running late.

Productivity is an issue a lot of people deal with every single day, in the workplace, school, or even parties (yes, parties). This is why, as a student myself, I want to share tips about the efforts I did to become productive as a person who is studying just yet and hopefully, you who stumbled upon this article could learn from them.

The following are my tips in order to become productive in school as a student

1. List down the things you need to do for tomorrow before bedtime.

The ultra-productive people suggest that in order to win the race tomorrow morning, start running tonight. When we take 10 minutes to think and list down the most important things we need to do for tomorrow, we become aware and get mental clarity about what we really need to do. With this method, we become partially invulnerable to the nonscheduled tasks that often lead to an unproductive day (procrastination, idle social media time, etc.). Go take your pen and paper and list them down, it will even help you get a better sleep.

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2. Let other people help you when you cannot help yourself.

No one knows it all and behind every great man is his team. Therefore, if you think that the task assigned to you is something that you cannot do alone, then allow other people to help you. After all, collective productivity can be celebrated better with the people around you. Not only that the bonds among your inner circle strengthens, but you also become aware of one another’s strengths and weaknesses.

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3. Schedule your breaks and holidays.

Most people have the misconception that in order to be productive, one must schedule a weekly calendar full of tasks and work. This might not be true because neuroscience reveals that taking a break will help you finish your tasks faster once your resume when compared to a work you continuously do non-stop and non-pause.

To make it more helpful, schedule your breaks so that you will never forget to take them and make sure that the scheduled breaks and holidays are highly recreational and totally ‘no work allowed’ moments for a student.

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4. Do not sleep later than 10:30pm.

As we age, we tend to forget the value of our physical bodies. When we deprive ourselves of sleep, we often spend the time in doing even more work that can be totally damaging especially to the mind and the body. We must make sure that we get 6 to 8 hours of sleep and get wide awake before the sun is almost on top of the sky. It’s always true that our sleeping, just like any other habits must be designed and carefully planned (scheduled).

And you will never be late to your classes again, my dear student.

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5. Start the project as soon as it was given.

Procrastination is the enemy of productivity. Also, it is said that when we cram our school projects to the deadline, we often have F-quality of results not maximizing the true potential we can actually put to the project. Therefore, start your tasks early. It will make you finish early without any cramming and you’ll have more time for revisions if needed (most of the time, it is). In this way, you will be able to get the A+.

P.S.: Start now.

Making Friends with Music Genres — August 21, 2015

Making Friends with Music Genres

We love music. We all do. But basically, not all of us can dance to techno. We have different tastes when it comes to music and so music as an art evolves from that very reason, therefore the different genres. But do you know what genre are you listening to? If not, then fret no more! We will give you tips on how to identify Green Day from One Direction. Musical hodgepodge

Artwork by AJ Arnaiz and Eugie Mar Entera.

1. Pop

“I love pop music because you can really see what’s currently happening in society.” Marina and the Diamonds

Article 2.1 - PopThis one is the easiest on the list. Pop music (a term derived from abbreviation of “popular”) is a genre of music you will find impossible to ignore because of its ridiculous popularity. You can hear pop music everywhere, unless you’re living under a rock. You’ll beg for it to stop, but it will not. Remember Gangnam Style? Remember the trauma? Remember when this country as a whole was singing to it non-stop? Yes. That’s pop for you. In the contrary, always take note of the ‘quality vs quantity’ concept. Try to listen again to a pop song and assess its quality. Is that song really worth listening by a million people? Some great songs are like hidden gems waiting for you to discover.

How to: Go get and listen to a radio. If the scumbag DJ plays it every 15 minutes, then it is pop.

Lyrics: Basically, repetitive. Your brain will know the lyrics to the song without trying. To the left, to the left.

Notable Artists: Madonna, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga

2. Blues

“Blues is easy to play, but hard to feel.” Jimi Hendrix

Article 2.1 - BluesAs the name tries to imply, it talks about poor behavior. Blue. You will feel blue. The music is catchy in tune in a sense that the deepest of your emotions will pour out just like a soda bottle and a Mentos. In any case, blues music gain popularity because of its appeal to reality that life is difficult, problematic and just so hard. The listeners usually indulge the melodies together with their feelings of sorrow or more positively, calmness.

How to: Try to ask one of your friends who just broke up with his/her lover about the last song in his/her mind. Most probably, it is from a blues playlist.

Lyrics: Very passionate and emotional. Your heart will get tickled by the songwriter’s skills.

Notable Artists: Eric Clapton, Albert King, Billie Holiday (holiday is not an appropriate surname for her genre though)

3. Alternative

“I get a thrill meeting kids who are into alternative music.” Kurt Cobain

Article 2.1 - AlternativeShort for alternative rock. The guitars are mostly distorted and sometimes, can be eerie. The singers are most of the time, not vocally serious about what they are doing. They just sometimes, unsing the song. However, the popularity gained because of its appeal to young people, with bright chord progressions that are very easy to sing along. The mood of the song is light making it the mainstream in most music festivals.

How to: Music festival yourself, watch and learn.

Lyrics: Mostly repetitive and common words are used.

Notable Artists: Nirvana, Radiohead, Green Day, Oasis

4. Country

“Country music is the people’s music. It just speaks about real life and about truth and it tells things how they really are.” Faith Hill

Article 2.1 - CountryThis genre is swiftly tailored with guitars. Acoustic guitars are the main instrument and that the tune is very bright, sunny, and positive. Country is very popular as it talks about positivity of life most of the times. Also, it is well associated to the lives of cowboys as most country stars are cowboys themselves.

How to: Listen to the albums of Taylor Swift before ‘1989’ for most of the songs there are country in genre.

Lyrics: Talks about life and mostly positive.

Notable artists: Taylor Swift, The Kinleys, Chris Young, Lonestar

5. Vocal

Article 2.1 - VocalThis genre is also contributed as a cappella music. A cappella means ‘no instruments’. The human voice is very important and that discipline constitutes to good blending and harmony among a cappella singers. A cappella groups are highlighted as well in the movie ‘Pitch Perfect 1 and 2’. A cappella became mainstream especially when Pitch Perfect 1 gained reputation with its musical comedy being the salient contributing factor of the film’s success.

How to listen to the notable artists: YouTube and search for a cappella groups like Filharmonic, Pentatonix and VoicePlay

Lyrics: Just like any other music genre except that human voice are not only used for lyrics but also, for instrumentation of the sounds.

6. Instrumental

Article 2.1 - InstrumentalThis genre is all about instruments. The absence of vocals keep this genre very unique. Instruments without any contamination of humanly possible emotions are made affectionately effective through good instrumental interpretations. The emotions are conveyed through the instruments alone. The digital era allowed musicians to compose instrumental music without the use of the physical musical instruments. Many sound production studios became successful in the music industry because of the digital world as of the moment.

Notable Artists: Podington Bear, Flume, more (usually) DJs out there

Article by Harry Saint Espenilla, Marc Kenneth Reyes and Jhonnel Azarcon.

More genres are coming after some updates to this article.

Type Focus: Matilda Regular —

Type Focus: Matilda Regular

type focus matilda regular

Matilda Regular specimen on a square graphic image.

If you are a graphic designer, digital typographer, or just an ordinary social media sprout who, in any case, stumbled upon this post, I encourage you to comment whatever you feel and observe when you see Matilda Regular typeface. When your comment is accepted, we will add your comment as part of this post over time. So, how do you feel about Matilda Regular?

In a broader perspective, it is important to take a look at the importance of how typographic design can affect communications and visual language. Participating in Type Focus will make your fellow type designers to get to know more about what happens when a certain typeface is on a design.

Please feel free to participate in this Type Focus article through email: writeflux@outlook.com.

App Review: Movie Creator — May 5, 2015

App Review: Movie Creator

Brilliant. Phenomenal. Perfect.

3.1 App review, Movie CreatorMovie Creator is the best video editing app I’ve ever used with my Lumia. I can easily import photos and videos to create breathtaking scenes. I can even add captions, filtered themes and music without affecting the quality of its contents. There are lots of tools to be used inside each slide like rotation, volume control, pan and zoom which I find very handy. I can also choose the rendering quality when saving my video. And if I close the app, it easily saves my project which allows me to edit my video whenever I feel to do so. Considering that this app is still in beta, I really recommend this app to all Lumia users because it’s one of the apps which make Lumia experience even more exciting and it will surely line your lips a smile.

PS. Hope it allows 4k video support and more than 25 slides in final build.

Article by Jake Michael Reside.
Instagram: @jmreside

App Review: OneDrive —

App Review: OneDrive

Fast. Trustworthy. Simple.

3.1 App review, OneDriveWhenever I am running out of storage for my very necessary files and memorable videos and photos, I cry no more because I know there is a tested and very dependable app I can use. OneDrive. It is the best application for storing and keeping my files. In times of trouble at kung wala akong mapaglagyan ng aking songs, documents, pictures, videos at iba pa dahil out of storage na, OneDrive is a very great help. It is a free online storage with reliable privacy and security. One of the features I like the most is its password/PIN for assuring my privacy even more. I personally like it because it is easy to use. I experienced no bugs (so far, good job!) plus it loads my files very fast right from the cloud. With this app, I already own a big and strong vault on my phone. Losing files on my devices is never a major problem anymore because it is there to support and replace the same files I lost. OneDrive for backups!

All I need is a personal account and voila, I’m free to click the share button with the people I know so that they would as well have access to my OneDrive files.

The things I like the most about OneDrive: (1) It allows me to bring all my photos, docs and videos anywhere and share them easily, (2) Any files that I put into my OneDrive will automatically get synced across my devices and it will secure a copy on the OneDrive website or the cloud, and (3) I can retrieve my files in case I have deleted an important file on my devices or maybe in cases where I unintentionally damaged my device just like when I accidentally spilled a latte over my computer. Phew~ Thank goodness, there’s OneDrive.

Article by Eugie Mar Entera.
Instagram: @euge00777

App Review: Spotify — May 3, 2015

App Review: Spotify

Bright. Premium. Rocks.

3.1 App review, SpotifyKapag music na ang pinag-uusapan, Spotify agad ang nasa isip ko. Paano naman kasi, ang laking tulong sa’kin ng Spotify sa maraming bagay. Kunwari, gusto kong malaman ang mga bagong kanta na sa tingin ko magugustuhan ko, sa Spotify ako agad tumitingin. Meron kasi siyang featured playlists na nakalagay don ang mga bagong kanta bago pa man mai-play sa local radio stations. Spotify din kapag may mga playlists ako na gusto kong gawin na kunwari ang laman lahat sa paborito kong singer. Ang nakakatuwa pa sa Spotify ay ang search feature na talaga naman napakalaki ng sakop. Lahat ng kanta na yata makikita mo sa Spotify. Libre pa. Laking tulong kapag gusto mong makinig ng kanta pero hindi sulit bilhin ang buong album. Napakaganda rin ng app kasi may mga featured ‘genres and moods’ na pwede kong pakinggan depende sa gusto ko. Ngayon ko lang naranasan ‘yong naka-sync lahat ng playlists ko sa lahat ng device ko basta naka-login ang Spotify account ko. Marami na rin akong natuklasang magagandang kanta sa Spotify. Ang support din nila sa Twitter, ‘yong @SpotifyCares, napakasipag sa pag-customize ng playlists depende sa request mo sa kanila. Napakagaling talaga. Kaya worth it din ang pag-avail ko ng Spotify Premium service nila, eh.

Article by Jhonnel Azarcon.
Instagram: @jhonnel_azarcon

App Review: Lumia Camera —

App Review: Lumia Camera

Unique. Impressive. Friendly.

3 .1 App review, Lumia CameraAn all-new exclusive and exciting camera app for Lumia smartphones, Lumia Camera gives me the option to manually control the white balance, exposure, contrast, flash, ISO, etc. But what makes the Lumia Camera stand out is that I can also adjust ‘manually’ the shutter speed which is great whenever I wanted to capture objects in motion or with long exposure (in case of light trails). It also allows me to create a relatively soothing and smooth effect to the water (which makes me become more like a pro photographer) compared to other smartphone’s built-in camera app, wherein I would need to download and use another app to achieve the same effect. Lumia Camera also can have a built-in editor named Lumia Creative Studio where I can post process my shots for enhancement purposes. In addition to that, it also has a special feature wherein I can reframe my photo, similar to cropping and changing its original perspective without degrading its quality. In case I wanted to retrieve my unedited/original shot, Lumia Creative Studio also allows me to do just that.

Article by Jele Cruz.
Instagram: @jelipots