We love music. We all do. But basically, not all of us can dance to techno. We have different tastes when it comes to music and so music as an art evolves from that very reason, therefore the different genres. But do you know what genre are you listening to? If not, then fret no more! We will give you tips on how to identify Green Day from One Direction. Musical hodgepodge

Artwork by AJ Arnaiz and Eugie Mar Entera.

1. Pop

“I love pop music because you can really see what’s currently happening in society.” Marina and the Diamonds

Article 2.1 - PopThis one is the easiest on the list. Pop music (a term derived from abbreviation of “popular”) is a genre of music you will find impossible to ignore because of its ridiculous popularity. You can hear pop music everywhere, unless you’re living under a rock. You’ll beg for it to stop, but it will not. Remember Gangnam Style? Remember the trauma? Remember when this country as a whole was singing to it non-stop? Yes. That’s pop for you. In the contrary, always take note of the ‘quality vs quantity’ concept. Try to listen again to a pop song and assess its quality. Is that song really worth listening by a million people? Some great songs are like hidden gems waiting for you to discover.

How to: Go get and listen to a radio. If the scumbag DJ plays it every 15 minutes, then it is pop.

Lyrics: Basically, repetitive. Your brain will know the lyrics to the song without trying. To the left, to the left.

Notable Artists: Madonna, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga

2. Blues

“Blues is easy to play, but hard to feel.” Jimi Hendrix

Article 2.1 - BluesAs the name tries to imply, it talks about poor behavior. Blue. You will feel blue. The music is catchy in tune in a sense that the deepest of your emotions will pour out just like a soda bottle and a Mentos. In any case, blues music gain popularity because of its appeal to reality that life is difficult, problematic and just so hard. The listeners usually indulge the melodies together with their feelings of sorrow or more positively, calmness.

How to: Try to ask one of your friends who just broke up with his/her lover about the last song in his/her mind. Most probably, it is from a blues playlist.

Lyrics: Very passionate and emotional. Your heart will get tickled by the songwriter’s skills.

Notable Artists: Eric Clapton, Albert King, Billie Holiday (holiday is not an appropriate surname for her genre though)

3. Alternative

“I get a thrill meeting kids who are into alternative music.” Kurt Cobain

Article 2.1 - AlternativeShort for alternative rock. The guitars are mostly distorted and sometimes, can be eerie. The singers are most of the time, not vocally serious about what they are doing. They just sometimes, unsing the song. However, the popularity gained because of its appeal to young people, with bright chord progressions that are very easy to sing along. The mood of the song is light making it the mainstream in most music festivals.

How to: Music festival yourself, watch and learn.

Lyrics: Mostly repetitive and common words are used.

Notable Artists: Nirvana, Radiohead, Green Day, Oasis

4. Country

“Country music is the people’s music. It just speaks about real life and about truth and it tells things how they really are.” Faith Hill

Article 2.1 - CountryThis genre is swiftly tailored with guitars. Acoustic guitars are the main instrument and that the tune is very bright, sunny, and positive. Country is very popular as it talks about positivity of life most of the times. Also, it is well associated to the lives of cowboys as most country stars are cowboys themselves.

How to: Listen to the albums of Taylor Swift before ‘1989’ for most of the songs there are country in genre.

Lyrics: Talks about life and mostly positive.

Notable artists: Taylor Swift, The Kinleys, Chris Young, Lonestar

5. Vocal

Article 2.1 - VocalThis genre is also contributed as a cappella music. A cappella means ‘no instruments’. The human voice is very important and that discipline constitutes to good blending and harmony among a cappella singers. A cappella groups are highlighted as well in the movie ‘Pitch Perfect 1 and 2’. A cappella became mainstream especially when Pitch Perfect 1 gained reputation with its musical comedy being the salient contributing factor of the film’s success.

How to listen to the notable artists: YouTube and search for a cappella groups like Filharmonic, Pentatonix and VoicePlay

Lyrics: Just like any other music genre except that human voice are not only used for lyrics but also, for instrumentation of the sounds.

6. Instrumental

Article 2.1 - InstrumentalThis genre is all about instruments. The absence of vocals keep this genre very unique. Instruments without any contamination of humanly possible emotions are made affectionately effective through good instrumental interpretations. The emotions are conveyed through the instruments alone. The digital era allowed musicians to compose instrumental music without the use of the physical musical instruments. Many sound production studios became successful in the music industry because of the digital world as of the moment.

Notable Artists: Podington Bear, Flume, more (usually) DJs out there

Article by Harry Saint Espenilla, Marc Kenneth Reyes and Jhonnel Azarcon.

More genres are coming after some updates to this article.